50 years of European
expertise coming to Australian hospitals

Cleaning and disinfection, sterilisation, documentation
and service from a single source and a mobile
CSSD solution. All will be unveiled at this
year's World Forum for Hospital Sterile
Supply Congress.

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Miele Professional
& System4Med

Miele Professional has extensive experience over the
past 50 years working closely with both specialists
in the medical field and instrument manufacturers
in developing processing solutions for hospitals
and CSSDs.

Miele's System4Med, a new approach to professional
instrument reprocessing, meets the highest demands
by addressing all aspects of instrument reprocessing
including cleaning and disinfection, sterilisation,
documentation and service.

Planning and
& Installation

Our product specialists and designers liaise with
you to design a customised CSSD optimised
space and work flow.

Our specially trained Miele technicians install
and commission the equipment.

washer-disinfectors with customisable features

Miele Professional's washer-disinfectors offer
versatile and comprehensive solutions for the
machine-based reprocessing and thermal
disinfection of medical accessories.

A wide range of inserts, specially designed
programmes and efficient water pretreatment
ensure thorough, effective and material friendly cleaning.

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PG8528 Washer Disinfector
for CSSD and Hospitals

Water and Energy Savings

Thanks to an innovative combination
of water and heat recovery,
PerfectEco offers economic operation
through lower water and electricity
consumption whilst maintaining
excellent washing and disinfection

Superior Safety

The patented PerfectPure
conductivity monitor is contact-free
using a maintenance-free system to
ensure residue-free rinse quality and
consistent safe reprocessing.

Cleaning Technology

Hygienic freshwater system with
cleaning, disinfection and drying in a
closed, stainless-steel single-cabinet
system. Spray arms with high water
impact force for ensuring optimum
results and thorough cleaning of
lumen instruments thanks to injector


Simple to operate fully flush,
chemical-proof PerfectTouch display
with freely programmable
PROFITRONIC controls with up to 64
programme slots. Clearly displays
programme selection, programming
dialogs, countdown time and
operating hours.

High performance
large steam sterilisers
for fast reprocessing
of instruments.

By offering simple controls, short cycle times and
excellent drying results, Miele Professional's
steam sterilisers guarantee both fast and safe

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PS56 Series
Large Sterilisers


Miele large steam sterilisers combine
performance, user safety and process
security in an elaborate and
well-conceived system. Miele is the
only manufacturer to monitor the
entire access area to the sterilisation
chamber using a photoelectric safety

Sterilisation Chamber

The pressure chamber features a
steam-heated jacket enveloping the
entire surface, resulting in the fast
and uniform distribution of heat. Short
cycles can be achieved combined
with the highly effective drying of
sterilised loads.

User interface and
process documentation

An intuitive and error-free machine
interface is provided by large 10.4"
touch screen. All information is
presented in a clear and concise
manner. Machine operatives are able
to see all relevant parameters
alongside a plotted cycle graph and a
real-time countdown indicator.


High-end accessories perfectly adapt
throughput capacities and ergonomic
handling to the needs of individual
sites. All transportation systems are
modified to cater for individual
requirements with respect to
sterilisation, reflecting the use of
containers or soft wrapping.

Gap-free process
high-level automation
and an intuitive user

The integration of washer-disinfectors and
sterilisers into process documentation systems
offers legal security and improved quality standards.

Miele offers service packages which are closely
geared to the requirement of CSSDs.

A team of skilled and knowledgeable medical and
product advisors is available to support clients
with their expertise both during the planning
phase and later during operation.


  • Quality of reprocessing remains under a
    hospital's control
  • Existing staff can continue to do their job in
    a positive working environment - without
    exposure to the strains of a building site
  • Fully equipped modules are combined on a site
    in a few days to give a fully functional
    and validated CSSD
Mobile CSSD

Is your CSSD getting refurbished or replaced?

Miele Professional is offering a unique solution that
enables hospitals to rent an entire mobile CSSD,
including the premises and technical equipment.

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Call: 1300 731 411

Write: info@miele-professional.com.au